This week's picture: Sock Puppet caught in nature.

The Stories • All with linked activities...

StoryRhyme Originals POPULAR
Our ever-expanding collection of original children's stories that you just won't find anywhere else...

Unexpected Classics
The best classic children's stories you've never read..!

Rhymes & Chimes
Nursery rhymes. Philosophy for Kids. Not-So-Grimm Tales. Short-short stories. Quips & Quotes.

StoryRhyme After Dark
Original stories from a slightly more adult view (no ponies; well, okay, fewer ponies).


Fun Stuff • Cool stuff to do and see...

Stuff To Make POPULAR
Gathered from all over the web: Free, fun and easy (and quick) stuff to make inspired by and linked to various stories on

Stuff to See
Wonderful and whimsical stuff to see, places to visit and things to do. Gathered from all over the web; inspired by and linked to various stories on

Stuff to Play
Okay, enough of this reading, creativity and educational stuff. Play our current MiniClip game. What is it today..?


Other Stuff • Reviews, JC's Blog, the StoryStore, links, and so much more...

Books We Like
Some of the best children's books around.

Shows We Like
There are a few very clever kids TV shows. Here they are.

Movies We Like
Yes, they do make good kids movies. Watch these.

Things We Like
Really cool toys, gadgets and, well, thingies.

Places We Like
Hidden jewels on the web.

The StoryStore
You know you want one... Support and be hip at the same time! Scroll through our exclusive products and whimsical designs based on the original and classic stories found here at Spread the Joy!

JC's Blog (of Randomness) POPULAR updates and my thoughts and rants on any particular subject without rhyme nor reason. Hopefully, they're at the least entertaining.

Rhymes & Chimes Email Newsletter POPULAR's "Rhymes & Chimes" email newsletter: New stories, new stuff to make, stuff to see, and new fun stuff in every issue.



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