StoryRhyme After Dark: Lily's Last Hurrah


"Sam sighed and put his half-finished cigar in the ash tray and leaned back. "Where'd ja dig that up, Lily..? In wardrobe? Ain't that the dress Hedy wore back in '33?" He looked at Lily critically... For a forty four year old broad she hadn't gone to pot yet. But he knew what the press would do to her…"


StoryRhyme After Dark: The Briarcliff Boys School


"I can still hear the bored voices of the teachers and students filtering through the heavy classroom doors that lined the corridor wall. There were things to do and games to play after school on this early spring afternoon and both the faculty and the student body were impatient for the four o’clock bell. When it finally rang, all the doors burst open at once and there was a babble of young voices and the corridor floor trembled with the impact of running feet. The Dean opened his office door briefly to see what on earth had happened…"


Margaret Lesh's Mr. Katz is a Zombie: Foreword Reviews' 2014 INDIEFAB Book of the Year



StoryRhyme After Dark: The First Violin


"The hummed an old song to himself, one he remembered from his boyhood days in Calabria. It was on a farm near the toe of the Italian boot. Life was easier there. The days were longer. The girls were prettier, and there was music in the air everywhere from morning 'til night. It was the music he seemed to miss most…"


StoryRhyme After Dark: Rosemary's Baby


"Everybody in town was anxious to see Rosemary's baby and by the time they did they were well aware of what to expect so they practiced their gushing responses before they stopped her in the street. Even the menfolk that hung around Westlake Auto Repair passed around a few observant remarks…"


The Last Sandwich...


"Another parental milestone has been reached in this year of lasts (which, fortunately, also means a corresponding year of firsts, just different ones): last night I made my last school lunch sandwich. Twelve years of sandwiches in a sea of packed lunches…"


StoryRhyme After Dark: Follow Me, Kemosabe


"That particular mounted figure must have been the trusted Indian scout who rode with the Lone Ranger, whom he called “Kemosabe,” which means “trusty scout” in Apache, although why he didn’t call him “Lone Ranger” is beyond me. “Scout,” if you recall, was the name of Tonto’s horse. I always suspected Tonto did not have both oars in the water..."


StoryRhyme After Dark: Around the Fire


"When December comes it brings with it the long cold shadows of winter. The main street of Old Town is deserted and Louise Lassiter’s General Store is about the only place you’ll find a live person to talk to.  You can be pretty sure that person will be sitting around the fire in the wood stove that sits in the middle of her cluttered store…"