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Some of the best children's books around.

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There are a few very clever kids TV shows. Here they are.

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Yes, they do make good kids movies. Watch these.

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Really cool toys, gadgets and, well, thingies.

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Hidden jewels on the web.


StoryRhyme After Dark
Our growing collection of stories of a little more adult nature (no ponies) on JC’s Blog (of Randomness).

The StoryStore
You know you want one... Support and be hip at the same time! Scroll through our exclusive products and whimsical designs based on the original and classic stories found here at Spread the Joy!

JC's Blog (of Randomness) updates and my thoughts and rants on any particular subject without rhyme nor reason. Hopefully, they're at the least entertaining.

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StoryRhyme link banners, buttons, etc. Short press releases and introduction articles. Printable promotion flyers. Help us spread the joy.

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