We're not pushing phony pharmaceuticals, fake Rolexes or designer knock-off sunglasses. What we are promoting is all things positive and wonderful. Now, that sounds great, doesn't it? But more folks out there need to know how wonderful this site is. That's where you exceptionally kind, charming, thoughtful, wonderful people out there come in. (Did I mention kind?) If you like StoryRhyme.com (and if you've been on it for any length of time, you probably do), please pass it on to everyone. Share the joy and spread the word. Oh, and don't fear the dustbunnies!

StoryRhyme.com "Dragon" Half-Sheet Promo Flyer

Help promote StoryRhyme.com with our "Dragon" promotional flyers. Two on an 8x11" sheet as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf document. Pass 'em out to everyone you know. Download now.

File info: storyrhyme_dragon_halfsheet_flyers.pdf, 160k, Acrobat .pdf format.

StoryRhyme.com Link Banners

Calling all webmasters and bloggers... Build a link to StoryRhyme.com using these banner graphics, available in both .jpg and .png formats. Simply copy the graphic you wish to use. Thanks! Oh, you can simply copy the link and suggested description text too.

Large StoryRhyme.com banner PNG
Large StoryRhyme.com banner in .png format. 415x80 pixels. 20k.

Large StoryRhyme banner JPG
Large StoryRhyme.com banner in .jpg format. 415x80 pixels. 10k.

Small StoryRhyme banner PNG
Small StoryRhyme.com banner in .png format. 207x40 pixels. 8k.

Small StoryRhyme.com banner JPG
Small StoryRhyme.com banner in .jpg format. 207x40 pixels. 4k.

Link to: http://www.storyrhyme.com

Suggested description text: "At StoryRhyme.com you’ll find enchanting original children’s stories, unexpected classic stories, rhymes and chimes, story projects, stuff to make, and stuff to see. All free, all of the time. Spread the joy..."

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