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Dust Bunnies
"It has become habit, an absolutely necessary tradition, to both methodically and thoroughly search Pete's room every evening at bedtime..." Pete and his parents have a special night-time ritual in their little red house. Will they find the special item that they're looking for?

Charlie's Messy Bedroom
"'Charlie, I think it's time to clean your room.' Oh, dear. Not that. Anything but that. Charlie slowly walked down the hall, bracing himself for what lie ahead of him..." "Now, where did I leave my ___?" Well, fill in the blank. This is a story for every kid who's ever had a messy room.

Emily Visits the Art Museum
"Emily looked at Van Gogh's 'Irises' and wondered at their beauty. The flowers and stems were vibrantly colored purple, blue, yellow and green..." How many raindrops does it take to soak a Post-Impressionist? Join Emily as she visits this wonderful new place.

Latest Additions...

Down Went the Spoon
"Down went the coins I saved for a week. Why, they started to scatter and play hide and seek!" Why oh why does everything seem to fall, break or disappear when you're two, three, four or five?

Quips & Quotes: Dr. Seuss
Welcome to Philosophy 102 for kids: In this "Quips & Quotes," we focus on Dr. Seuss. To 'quote' Theodor Seuss Geisel... "I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells..."

Old Folks at Home
"He huffed a puff of smoke to show that he was still capable of doing so, and then retreated into the depths of his cave to dream of days gone by." When dragons retire, do they move to Leisure World and play shuffleboard? Most certainly not. Or is this a story about something else entirely..?