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Dresden at the Giraffe Store
"The giraffe section of the animal emporium was very large, and the giraffes roamed freely, nibbling the tender leaves of the tall baobab trees. The family walked carefully, not wanting to scare them…" Everyone remembers their very first giraffe, don’t they..?

The Cursed Thing
"Tanko paced the shores with his spear, trying to catch a little something for his family's dinner. On the sand, he saw an old tattered object..." Tanko didn't know what that he had found, but others did. What happens when everyone wants what you have..?

Dust Bunnies
"It has become habit, an absolutely necessary tradition, to both methodically and thoroughly search Pete's room every evening at bedtime..." Pete and his parents have a special night-time ritual in their little red house.  Will they find what they're looking for? Or, will it find them..?

Hiccup, The Burping Dog
"This was not an ordinary burp, but one with depth and resonance. Gusto and volume." We all have our own unique talents, don't we? Well, Hiccup the dog is very proud of his, um, special "talent."

Charlie's Hats
"Charlie is a collector of, well, hats..." Charlie is a collector of hats, and many other things.  Explore Charlie's world of fun and adventure as he wears his different hats.  Who will he be today?

Emily Visits the Library
"Quickly scanning the new books section, Emily set to work hunting for her latest treasures." For Emily, each book is a world of adventures and new friends. Who will Emily meet on this trip to the library? Come along and see.

Charlie's Rainy Day
"The rain-soaked ground easily gave way under his spade as Charlie shoveled the wet earth..." How many raindrops does it take to soak a sheepdog?  A rainy day provides an opportunity for Charlie and his sheepdog, Ruby, to find out.

Emily Visits the Art Museum
"Emily looked at Van Gogh's 'Irises' and wondered at their beauty. The flowers and stems were vibrantly colored purple, blue, yellow and green..." How many raindrops does it take to soak a Post-Impressionist?  Join Emily as she visits this wonderful new place.

Camping with Charlie
"The tall grasses in the back corner made him feel as if he were in the jungle. He imagined that he was a great explorer searching for long-lost treasure. What was that? He heard a rustling in the far corner..." Toasted marshmallows, anyone?  Charlie and his mom experience all of the fun of a campout without leaving their backyard.

Emily's Very Own Bedtime Story
"Once upon a time, there was a young dragon named Henry. He had two older sisters..." When it's Dad's time to tuck Emily in at bedtime, he comes up with a story that is just for Emily. Will it be scary?  Perish the thought.

Charlie's Messy Bedroom
"'Charlie, I think it's time to clean your room.' Oh, dear. Not that. Anything but that. Charlie slowly walked down the hall, bracing himself for what lay ahead of him..." "Now, where did I leave my ___?" Well, fill in the blank. This is a story for every kid who's ever had a messy room.

Emily's Trip to the Aquarium
"The two girls squealed with glee and began instantly chatting about their trip..." Join Emily as she goes on her first school field trip.  What will be her favorite aquarium animal?

Charlie and Ruby (the brave)
"Charlie took a peek in the box. Inside were three round little balls of gray and white fur and fluff. Puppies." Is there anything more wonderful in the world than a puppy? Learn the story of how Charlie met Ruby, the Brave.

Charlie and Ted the Space Guy
"Charlie focused his eyes and looked at the dragonfly perched on the nightstand next to him. He rubbed his eyes. His dragonfly was actually a tiny spaceship." Charlie's dream has always been to have a close encounter with an extraterrestrial. Could his space alien actually be from inner space?

Hiccup, The Burping Dog's Birthday Party
"He had no idea that this day, today, happened to be his birthday. Today, Hiccup was turning five." Who doesn't enjoy a delightfully doggy birthday party? Read about Hiccup The Burping Dog's special day. And make plans to celebrate your own best friend's birthday. A StoryRhyme Very Short Story...

The Andrew Mason Illustrated Field Guide to Unknown Dragons
Newly released, "this guide will present information on the world's dragons to you in one interesting volume..." We can never learn enough about the world's dragon populations, can we? Oh, and please don't approach dragons without adult supervision.

Emily's Handmade Christmas
"Emily had been trying to save, but, as often happens to the best of us, her piggy bank was a little light." It's Christmas time and Emily finds herself with very little in her bank. What to do? Read this StoryRhyme.com Original Story and find out...

Lighting the Chanukah Lights with Emily
"For a whole week Emily did everything she was supposed to do. She walked Popcorn their little Maltese, kept her room neat, helped her sister with her homework, and even cleared the table without being asked." Will this be the year that the Chanukiyah is lit every night? Emily thinks that maybe if she's extra good and does everything just right, they will.

Hiccup the Burping Dog Also Looks Up
"Little Boy watched as Hiccup angrily complained to the sky, barking at the white contrail that a jet plane was leaving behind." Hiccup thinks deep thoughts; he's a multi-faceted dog; complicated. Just what is it that he sees?

Is Grandma Okay?
Corinna loves spending the weekend with her grandparents. They make her feel special. They have time to show her their favorite places, and they know that she loves Chinese dumplings. This trip, though, Corinna notices that Grandma isn't quite herself. Is Grandma Okay..?

Two Many Dogs!
"Hiccup, we have a guest coming. You'll have to be on your extra best behavior this week." Hiccup gulped. He'd never had a guest stay all week before." Hiccup will have to share his toys, yard and family with his new four-legged friend. Will he be up to the task..?

Eli the Flying Dog
"Eli raced to the front of the pack, then suddenly began to soar. Soon, the earth was falling away from him as he flew through the air." Can dogs really fly?  Maybe all dogs fly when no one is looking...

Old Folks at Home
"He huffed a puff of smoke to show that he was still capable of doing so, and then retreated into the depths of his cave to dream of days gone by." When dragons retire, do they move to Leisure World and play shuffleboard? Most certainly not. Or is this a story about something else entirely..?