Emily Visits the Library
By Juliana Carter

Emily loved Saturdays. Saturdays gave Emily a break from the usual hustle-bustle of her school mornings, and this Saturday morning meant she wouldn't have to put up with her pesky new seatmate, Anthony. Anything was possible on a Saturday. Kite flying in the park? Why not. Sometimes Emily's family would go to the farmers' market for fresh strawberries and tomatoes. Saturdays were full of possibilities.

This Saturday, a trip to the library was on the agenda. This was one of Emily's favorite Saturday things to do. Emily had been looking forward to this during her long week at school. The past week had been particularly challenging because Mrs. Little had moved Anthony to the seat next to her and he simply did not know how to behave himself. He made faces and teased Emily whenever Mrs. Little's back was turned. Emily really wanted to sock him, but this was not allowed.

"He probably just likes you, Emily," her dad would say. "Heck, I pestered your mom until she agreed to marry me."

"Ugh," thought Emily.

Emily had a long (well, to her anyway) history of going to the library. When she was four, her parents took her to the library to sign up for her very first library card. Emily didn't know how to write her name yet, so her mom signed for her. Emily's first books were lovely picture books with a few words on each page. Now, Emily was a champion reader, so her horizons had widened considerably.

"Mom, when can we go?" Emily quizzed her mother impatiently.

"After we take care of business, Em."

Ah, yes. Business was the household stuff that didn't get done during the week and something that adults felt was important and needed to be taken care of. Emily carried out her laundry hamper and then hurried to find the hand vacuum. After playing in the sandbox at school all week, her closet had a layer of sand on the bottom.

Emily's plump orange-and-white tabby Archie, who had been relaxing on her bed, eyed the vacuum suspiciously. This was an object of mystery to Archie, and cats, being naturally curious, wondered about such things. Archie crept to the edge of the bed to have a better look. Emily turned on the vac and Archie tore off as fast as his chubby legs could carry him. This made Emily laugh. She knew there was no way he'd fit inside her little vacuum, but Archie didn't know this.

With chores done, it was time to go.

"Don't forget your library card," said Mom.

Emily ran to her bedroom. Now where had she put it? After a bit of looking in all the usual places, Emily found it wedged in between -- what else? -- books. Oh, and there was her stack of books to return. She couldn't forget those.

Now, off to the library!

Emily wondered what new friends she'd make today.

In the past, Emily had met a curious monkey named George who found himself in all kinds of mischief. One time, he swallowed a puzzle piece and had to go to the hospital. She loved George!

Another time she met Madeline, a little French girl who was very brave and had great adventures, one of which involved a runaway hat.

When Emily brought home a Dr. Seuss book, her mom made scrambled eggs, into which she'd placed a few drops of green dye and little bits of ham. Mr. Granger made a face as he ate his breakfast, while Mrs. Granger laughed.

"This is the best breakfast ever!" Emily exalted.

Oh, the friends she'd made.

Upon arriving at the library, Emily quickly made her way up the stairs to the children's section. The walls were covered with vines in a jungle theme. "Drop in to reading," the signs read. Emily spotted a monkey that looked curiously like George hanging from a tree branch.

Quickly scanning the new books section, Emily set to work hunting for her latest treasures.

Mrs. Carter, the children's librarian, gave Emily a little wave.

"Good to see you. Back again so soon?"

Emily stopped to give her a wave and a smile, and then it was back to the hunt.

Now, that looked interesting. Emily found a book titled "Ramona the Pest." With a title like that, how could she not take it home? And then there was "Harry the Dirty Dog" about a dog who got so dirty, his owners didn't recognize him anymore. That looked fun.

Soon Emily had a stack of seven books. This was her limit. She always checked out seven, that way she always knew how many she had to return. Besides, her arms couldn't hold another book.

"Ready to go, Mom."

Emily's parents had been -- what else? -- reading their book selections while Emily made her search.

The three divided up the books so they wouldn't drop any on the way down the stairs, then got in line to check out.

When it was her turn, Emily placed her stack on the counter. A nice man stamped the sticker on the back of each book with its return date.

"Are you going to read all of these?" He asked.

"Yes, I am," Emily answered proudly.

Another successful library trip. Emily couldn't wait to meet her newest friends, Ramona and Harry. Oh, and then there was the fun science facts book, and then the one about the pioneer family.

One thing Emily knew for sure, when she'd read them all, she'd go back for more. There was no limit to the adventures she would have at the library.


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