Hiccup the Burping Dog Also Looks Up
By Juliana Carter

Hiccup, the Burping Dog, lived in an ordinary house, on an ordinary street, in an ordinary town, with his ordinary family. One very ordinary day, when Hiccup was a pup, he looked up. Hiccup noticed there was a wide open space, which he later learned was called "sky." He saw big puffy white things in the wide open space, which he later learned were called "clouds." He noticed interesting-looking animals moving through the wide open space, which he later learned were called "birds."

When Hiccup's family took their little dog out for walks, Hiccup didn't sniff the ground, checking for messages, like the rest of the dogs in the neighborhood, Hiccup looked up and noticed things moving around the wide open space like strange silver insects. He saw their lights flashing, just like the backup lights on his little boy's father's car. He later learned these were called "airplanes."

One day, as Hiccup barked in the backyard, his little boy went to see what all the racket was about. Little Boy watched as Hiccup angrily complained to the sky, barking at the white contrail that a jet plane was leaving behind. Hiccup was sure the invisible giants who lived in the clouds were drawing a chalk line down the middle of the sky for their soccer game. This did not make Hiccup happy -- dogs are very territorial animals -- and Hiccup did not think invisible giants should play their soccer matches over HIS house. He barked until the invisible giants picked up their colossal sticks of chalk and went away to play their game over some other dog's house who didn't look up.

Hiccup watched the birds that flew overhead, and he watched the large green linx spider as it wove its web up high in the family's hibiscus bush.

"Why does Hiccup look up?" Little Boy asked his dad.

"I don't know, little one," replied Dad, shaking his head. "Hiccup is a very unusual dog."

"I've never known a dog to look up before," said Mom. "I suppose he thinks the contrails from the jet planes are chalk lines that the invisible giants have drawn for their soccer game."

Little Boy laughed. His mom was VERY funny.

So the family continued to take Hiccup out for walks, and Hiccup continued to look up. Hiccup also continued to burp, but that is a different story.


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