The Cursed Thing

By Carter Andrews, age 12

As always, it was a cool, cloudy day on the remote Pacific island of Tackagee. A fisherman named Tanko paced the shores with his spear, trying to catch a little something for his family's dinner. On the sand, he saw an old tattered object that we would know as a one hundred dollar bill. Being a native on a remote island, Tanko did not know this, so he headed into town to find its identity.

Once Tanko came upon the small village, he ventured over to a trading stand to see if the traders knew what this green thing was. The traders were greatly interested by the item, even though they had not the faintest idea what it was. One of the men yelled and reached for the piece of important-looking paper. Soon they were all reaching for it. To avoid a struggle, Tanko fled.

After almost an hour of walking, Tanko came upon the shaman's shack on the East side of the island. If anyone would know what this green thing was, it would be the island's shaman. Tanko knocked on the door and was welcomed in. After close examination, the medicine man deduced that it was a cursed thing, sent by the demons of the Underworld to invoke greed upon whoever owned it.

Taking this important piece of information into account, the fisherman ran to the nearest shore. "Be gone, vile thing!" he yelled in his native tongue as he cast the one hundred dollar bill into the waves. He then ran back into town to see if everything was back to normal. Sure enough, when the people saw that the green thing was gone, they started acting like they had always acted before the fiasco. So now, whenever Tanko finds something that might make everyone greedy, he throws it back into the sea.


(c) 2010

Well, here something that Tanko might have found useful.
Let's learn how to fold a dollar bill into a bowtie...

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