Two Many Dogs!

By Juliana Carter

"Hiccup, we have a guest coming. You'll have to be on your extra best behavior this week."

Hiccup gulped. He'd never had a guest stay all week before.

The doorbell rang and Hiccup's master invited in an older lady, tottering on high heels, trying to keep hold of a pink rhinestone-covered leash and the little dog that was pulling against her, trying to break free to meet the unfamiliar hairy beast.

Princess Sally looked at Hiccup, wondering what he was. A moose? A horse? A panda?

Hiccup regarded the strange little animal, wondering what it was. A large rat? A cat? A ferret?

The lady in heels looked right at Hiccup and said, "Hiccup, you be sure to take good care of Princess Sally. Okay? Now, there's a good dog." She gave Hiccup a few pats on the head. Princess Sally growled, not wanting Hiccup to receive a pat on the head from HER owner.

"Now, that's no way for a princess to act," Princess Sally's owner scolded.

"Hiccup, this is Princess Sally."

Upon hearing her full name, Hiccup rolled his eyes. Princess Sally. Oh, brother, he thought.

Princess Sally was soon loose and ran over to Hiccup. The two sniffed each other with great interest, as dogs always do.

Hiccup learned that this littler thing was, after all, a dog. How interesting that dogs could come in such a small size, Hiccup thought.

Likewise, Princess Sally learned that Hiccup was, also, a dog. How interesting that dogs could come in such a large, bulky size, Princess Sally thought.

The two were running in circles around each other, first clockwise, then counter-clockwise.

"All right, you two. Out. Outside. There are too many dogs in here," Hiccup's master said.

Princess Sally and Hiccup dashed outside, leaving the dog door trembling in their wake, and made mad crazy-eights all over the yard. Hiccup, who was one of a herding variety of dog, tried to herd Princess Sally by running in circles around her. Princess Sally, being one of the pest variety of dog, tried to run over the back of Hiccup and ride him like a circus monkey. Hiccup's little boy jumped up and down delightedly. He had never before had two dogs in his house at one time. This was a momentous occasion.

To Hiccup's delight, Princess Sally had brought her toys with her and was happy to share. Except for the tug toy. When Hiccup carried HER tug toy in his mouth, Princess Sally didn't act like a princess at all. She turned into a devil dog and wanted Hiccup to surrender her toy, which, of course, Hiccup wouldn't. THIS was a great game, until Princess Sally got a little carried away and ended up with a mouthful of Hiccup's hair. The tug toy was then taken away.

Little Boy learned that little dogs have A LOT more energy than big dogs, even big dogs of the herding variety, and this is how the week went:

Princess Sally and Hiccup played, then rested for two-and-a-half minutes, then played some more. When it was time to go to bed, Princess Sally would lie upon her leopard-spotted dog bed, complete with pink fringe. Hiccup would lie upon his red-and-green plaid dog bed. They would do this for five minutes, then they'd play some more.

Total dog biscuits consumed: Hiccup, 12. Princess Sally, 12 halves. Total hours of sleep: 2.

At night, Princess Sally was scared of the strange noises in the house. When she'd hear the whoosh of air that was sent through the air vents when the heating system turned on, she'd whimper for Little Boy's dad, who'd reassure her with a pat to the head and send her back to her leopard-print bed. Or at least try. When Hiccup would fall asleep, Princess Sally poked him with her little nose to wake up and play.

All night long, the family heard the click-clack of Princess Sally's nails on the house's wood floors.

In the morning, the family woke. Everyone had bags under their eyes, including Hiccup.

Princess Sally never seemed to stop. Little Boy, Mom and Dad were tired. Hiccup had red eyes. Princess Sally was ready to play and did not have red eyes nor bags.

"Doesn't Sally ever sleep?" Little Boy asked his parents.

"Well, it sure doesn't seem like it," and Mom gave a nervous laugh, the kind of laugh one gives when they haven't had a good night's sleep several nights in a row and don't know when they'll get a good night's sleep again.

"Yes, Sally is quite a ball of energy," Dad said, rolling his eyes.

When the week was over and Princess Sally's owner came to pick her up, the family assured her that Princess Sally had been "no trouble at all."

Then they took a nap. Hiccup slept the longest of them all.


(c) 2009

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