Hiccup, The Burping Dog
By Juliana Carter

Once upon a time (because all the very best stories start that way) there lived an ordinary family. There was a dad, a mom, and a little boy. They lived in an ordinary house, on an ordinary street, where children played and owners walked their dogs. The family lived in an ordinary town and led quiet, ordinary lives.

There was one thing about them, however, that was not ordinary. The family dog, Hiccup. Hiccup burped. A lot.

When the family was sitting on the couch, watching a television program, Hiccup would walk up to the dad, look him right in the eyes as if he had something very important to say, and burp. Just like that. This was not an ordinary burp but one with depth and resonance. Volume. The dad would shake his head in disapproval.

"How can we have such an ill-mannered dog?"

The dad was not impressed.

The mom and the little boy would giggle and laugh. Hiccup's burps delighted them. Every time.

"Why does Hiccup burp so much?" The little boy asked his mom.

"I don't know, little one, but I think if the Queen of England came for a visit, he'd burp for her too. Although she'd probably laugh, at least on the inside."

It is quite a funny thing, a burping dog. If you ever have the chance to meet one, you really should.

So life went on; Hiccup burped. Hiccup burped on Sundays. Hiccup burped on Thursdays. Hiccup burped on holidays. Hiccup burped most every day. And when Hiccup burped, he always did so in front of his family.

The mom wondered why.

"I suppose he thinks his burps are special and wants to share them with us."

So share he did.

The dad continued to shake his head, the mom and the little boy continued to laugh with delight, and Hiccup continued to burp.

And the family lived happily ever after (because all of the very best stories end that way) and Hiccup, the burping dog, felt very proud of himself and his special talent.


(c) 2008 StoryRhyme.com

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