Hiccup The Burping Dog's Birthday Party
By Juliana Carter

A very short story...

As everyone knows, dogs love birthday parties. Now, Hiccup, The Burping Dog, loved birthdays as much as any other dog, but Hiccup, as friendly as he was, was not very good at math. He had no idea that this day, today, happened to be his birthday. Today, Hiccup was turning five.

His little boy was very excited. The mom had invited the neighbors, a family with too many children to count, and their friendly little dog Ono.

Hiccup's little boy spent the whole afternoon making decorations. He drew dog bones on construction paper, colored them in different colors, then taped them around the house and back yard.

The mom made special dog cakes; individual bagels topped with cream cheese, apple sauce, and peanut butter. Little boy wrapped individual dog biscuits in tissue paper to give to Hiccup and Ono.

The guests arrived. The little boy and the mom struggled to put party hats on the dogs. They wore them for ten seconds, just long enough for the dad to almost take a picture.

The children cheered as Hiccup and Ono ate their dog cakes. The adults ate hot dogs.

When everyone was finished, Hiccup gave each guest a big lick. And then, Hiccup let out the biggest, loudest, longest burp ever.

It was a great party.


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