Kathy, The Bunny Queen
By Juliana Carter

Every night when the moon is out, Kathy the Bunny Queen takes her basket and goes outside.

She sits on her bench under the willow tree.

All the bunnies come out to greet her.

They bring her flowers for her hair.

She pats them on the head and reads them bunny stories.

The bunnies sit at her feet and listen as she sings them a bunny lullaby.

They watch the stars that twinkle in the sky.

The Bunny Queen gives each bunny a grape leaf from her vineyard.

The bunnies eat their leaves, then give their queen a little bow.

Kathy the Bunny Queen says goodnight.

All the little bunnies go to their holes, say their prayers, and go to sleep.


(c) 2008 StoryRhyme.com

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